Ronald R. Thomas, PE - Engineering Services Innovative Solutions to HVAC Problems
Advantages to the Owner or Manager
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  • Specialist in Energy Conservation and Troubleshooting HVAC Problems Nationwide in all Climates.
  • Over 35 Years Experience in HVAC System Design, Retrofit and Operation of Existing Buildings.
  • Proven Results in Solving Chronic HVAC Problems
  • Quality Engineering on Large and Small Projects.
  • Attention to Detail and Constructability.
  • Unique Approach to Projects.
  • Cost Effective Solutions to HVAC Problems raised during Tenant Lease Renegotiations.
  • Extensive Use of Phased Construction to Keep Facilities Operational During Modifications.
  • Personal Involvement in each Project.  Readily Available by Cell Phone and email.
  • Fees are normally Cost Competitive with Local Consultants.
  • Online Consulting:
    • Tenant Comfort.
    • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
    • System Operating Problems.
    • Equipment Replacement or Upgrade.
    • Energy Cost Reduction.
    • Facility HVAC Modernization.

Ronald R. Thomas, PE - 6476 S. Forest Street - Centennial, CO 80121 - (303) 721-1846